March 20, 2010

Of Summer and Online Deals

It is summer here in my part of the globe. My favorite time of the year, heat and all! This season just shouts "beach!" to me and I love the sea! I already started my summer with a trip to Puerto Galera with some friends last week and the husbo and I have made plans for the rest of the summer. To say that I am excited is an understatement. I can finally spend some QT with the husbo.

I've been slow in losing weight, though. I am stuck at the same weight I was in 6 months ago, give or take a few pounds. Laziness just got the better of me. Now, I am having a hard time finding the right summer outfits in the local malls. That's okay though because I am now enjoying looking at some online shopping deals. Not only do they have my sizes but it's great getting cash back rebates on my purchases. Having a wide array of choices is also a plus and you don't get to see the crowded malls!

You need to be careful though and make sure you check if the online store you're looking at is real. I would also suggest doing some comparison shopping so you can get the best deals out there.

So, I will leave you guys for a bit because there are a few shops I want to visit. Our summer trip is still more than a month away, but I want to be prepared and make sure we have all we need. Toodles!

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