About Me

I am Nyree. I am an introvert by heart, I am usually found inside our room, reading, blogging, surfing the net or watching TV. 

This blog was originally made to document our wedding and life after but it soon turned out to be a chest of my random thoughts. Being an introvert, this was the only way I can talk comfortably without biting someone's ears off. :-)

Aside from being an introvert, I am also a wife to Jasper, a sister and a daughter. I am not yet a mom but I hope to be one someday by God's grace.

I am a Christian. Not perfect but trying to be like my Jesus. I stumble and I fall, but His immeasurable grace is always there to catch me. 

I am an entrepreneur. I used to work as a Global Scheduler for the largest BPO in our country but took a leap of faith and followed what my heart was telling me:start your own business. It was pretty scary, it still is. But the fulfillment of doing what I loved was more than enough to compensate for it.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Please feel free to look around my blog and get to know me more. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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