March 20, 2010

Consistent on Being Inconsistent

Well hello cobwebs! LOL! I really need to be consistent in updating this blog. Now that the Inspiron is working again, I guess I'll be back to regular programing. It was just so hard updating when you don't have access to a computer/laptop and that the blogger site is blocked in our office. Oh well.

How has life been so far? Well. I am just full of inconsistencies. This is something I need to change. Ironically, the one thing I am consistent in is being inconsistent! Hahaha! Take this blog for example, I keep telling myself (and you) that I will update more often and yet after a few days of updating, I disappear. Poof! I hope this time I get to stick with this.

That's it for now.


Clarice said...

hi nyree!

hahaha! i can so relate about being inconsistent with blogging. i've taken it up again recently. sana tuloy-tuloy!

good luck to us!


Nyree said...

Haha I know Clarice! Sana nga! Hy congratulations on doing a great job on your events! Kung di lang sabay ang wedding natin, kinuha na kita for my wedding LOL!


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