June 11, 2007

The Now and Present

Got this little tag from Aggie and I must say I enjoyed doing this. Thanks Aggie!

  • Yourself: Deciding if I'd go to work early today.
  • Your Partner: Is currently watching NBA.
  • Your Hair: Short.
  • Your Mother: Wise
  • Your Father: A man of few words but when he talks, man, he makes so much sense.
  • Your Favorite Item: my laptop :)
  • Your Dream Last Night: none
  • Your Favorite Drink: Coke
  • Your Dream Car: Honda Civic.
  • Dream Home: Warm and homey.
  • The Room You Are In: Freshly cleaned bedroom :P
  • Your Fear: death
  • Where You Want to be in Ten Years: working from my own home
  • Who You Hung Out With Last Night: the husband
  • You’re Not: stylish (Aggie, same tayo :P )
  • One of Your Wish List Items: My own car by next year
  • The Last Thing You Did: Digiscrapped
  • You Are Wearing: Home clothes - short and sleeveless shirt
  • Your Favorite Weather: sunny but not humid (puede ba yon?!)
  • Your Favorite Book: The Bible
  • Last Thing You Ate: Lucky Me Chilimansi Pancit Canton
  • Your Life: in chaos :P
  • Your Mood: lazy
  • Your Best Friend: a woman after God's heart
  • What Are You Thinking About Right Now: To go to work early or not
  • Your Car: no car. What Are You Doing At The Moment: Blog Hopping
  • Relationship Status: HAPPILY content with the man I married.
  • 1 comment:

    Aggie said...

    Nyree! Ngaun lang ako nakapunta at blocked ang Blogger sa office :( Thanks for answering the tag!


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