March 24, 2008

Itching to Travel

I am itching to travel. Go someplace. It really doesn't matter where. I just want to be in a different place, see new sights, gain new experience. I don't really know what's holding me back. It's a good thing my mom has a wedding to attend to in General Santos come May. So I am tagging along. It's going to be a welcome break from all these stressful weeks ahead.
The wierdest thing is, even though I am itching to leave and go someplace, I treasure these times at home with the husbo. He just resigned from work as he is trying to find his niche (long story which I really don't want to get into) and he has been wonderful (as always). We had a really good talk a couple of weeks back and it made a huge difference in the path we were supposed to take. Having him here at home gives me strength you know. Seeing him, feeling him close, being able to talk to him is something I really cherish. I am going to miss him when he gets back to work.

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Catherine said...

Just go, anywhere you have long been! I always encourage people expose more of this wonderful world. Not worth to wait until we are old, like my mom, got $$ but not capable. Her legs are too weak even to walk 1/2km... :)Probably you can invite hubby to go along?

Nice blog.


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