January 3, 2005


Okay, since I couldn't get a way around my downloaded template, I just used one of bloggers and edited them. Sheesh, I wish I knew more about html so I could personalize this as much as I want to. Anyway, My hubby, Jasper, is feeling much better now wheee! I was up all night because his mom told me about a time when Jasper's fever went way up and he was taken to the ER! I was so worried! His temp was 39.4 all night and went down to 37.7 by 6am today and then went up again to 38.5. I'm just glad he's doing better now and his temp's normal already. Thinking back to last night... so this is how it feels to be a wife. All the wedding preparations and the wedding itself was romantic and fun, but during the hussle and bussle of it all, I never fully realized the true meaning of what we were entering into. Well, yes, I knew we were getting married and all that and yet last night when my husband was sleeping, I was thinking, "what was happening? He was the one who's sick and yet I hurt." And then, it dawned on me... I finally understood... what used to be "me" has turned into "we".

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