May 5, 2007

A Bid with a Twist

Has any of you joined a "bid" before?

Well I haven't. I see it in movies though so I pretty much know that the highest bid on an item usually wins.

But did you know that there is a place where everything is done differently? Yes, bid4prizes allows the lowest unique bidder to snag the coolest of prizes! Plasma TVs, Apple iPhone, and even BMWs! I haven't won anything though but their prizes are soo cool!

You have to have the lowest unique bid to win the prize. For example, on the Appli iPod, you can bid between 4-30 cents. You bid 10 cents. If anyone else bids for 10 cents, then that is not the lowest unique bid anymore. Oh, and don't worry, you won't have to pay for any of the prizes, they're completely free - even the shipping is free!

It's fairly easy to do so what have you got to lose right? Go ahead and join, who knows, one of us will be lucky enough to snag one of those great prizes!.

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