May 30, 2007

A Wet Chick

I was drenched last night.

The rain started yesterday early evening and kept up until about 9PM or so. As was normal in our country, flash floods soon crept up around different places making it hard for most of the people going home. Us contact center people had a hard time going to work.

I was supposed to go in to work early. I was used to doing that to avoid traffic and to be able to get a head start on my mountain-pile of tasks. For some reason (a.ka. laziness hehehe) I decided to sleep in a bit more. Karma sure is fast. As soon as I was ready to go out, the torrent of rain fell. Match that with several bolts of lightning and you get yourself a dangerous situation. All you can see on the road were the back lights of the cars. I was lucky enough to snag a cab but even then we had to travel slowly. Good thing the cab driver was nice and patient.

We weren't able to reach my office though as the road near the building was flooded. I knew the cab driver couldn't do anything else so I paid him and decided to walk the not so short distance towards the building. I was soo drenched! I arrived in the office looking like a wet chick. And even with the air conditioning unit turned off, I was shivering from the cold.

It's really funny how the climate here is. When it's summer, it gets really hot and humid. And when it rains, it pours. Sometimes you just don't know what you'd want anymore. lol!

So there. A pretty exciting moment out of my oh so boring everyday life hehehe! I hope I don't catch the sniffles though. Off to bed now. I hope everyone's doing well!

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