June 11, 2007

Another Weekend Story

Happy Monday! :)

How was your weekend? I hope all of you had a wonderful time.

Part of my weekend was celebrating my friend, Rache's birthday at their wonderful home. It was a simple yet awesome celebration. Good food courtesy of Rache's mom (Thanks Tita! The Caldereta and Kare-kare were scrumptuous), company of friends and never ending kuento. Rache was the ever gracious hostess! I was busy eating and chatting with Jen so there are a few pictures. Besides, I haven't mastered the S3IS during night shots (hate that noise :( ) so I'm a bit apprehensive to take shots. :P

credits here

You can view more pictures taken by Rache here.

Rest of the weekend was spent bonding with the husband. We're planning to buy my phone and my iPod by the end of the month so we canvassed different stores to find out about phone prices and features.

I am planning to get this:

Can you believe I survived without a cellphone for 3months now? :)

So there, that was my weekend. How was yours?


karen said...

hi nyree, you're right, i can't believe you lasted that long without a phone! but good for you, you have so much discipline, if it were me, i would bought the phone and ipod as soon as i saw them. kaya nga baon ako sa utang sa credit card! hehehe...

God Bless!

Nyree said...

Hi Karen! hehehe, I don't think discipline was the case. I just didn't have the money to buy the phone hahahah! Don't worry ako din baon na baon hehehe ;P


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