October 23, 2007

The FIne Art of Blogging

This has been long overdue.

I've been invited by Dio to write about about the fine art of blogging. I thought I'd share them with you. Honestly, I am flattered. I don't think my blog or my way of writing really carries that much weight but many thanks Dio for the opportunity! I apologize for sending this late though.

I started blogging when I was preparing for my wedding back in 2004. Honestly, I was just curious about my fellow brides-to-be who were so into blogging back then. So I started one. Over time, I realized it was a great way to be able to look back and remember the planning stages of our wedding. After the wedding, I decided to continue blogging. I guess I wanted to be able to look back in my life years from now and remember. Did I improve as a person? What were my challenges and achievements? How did I feel about a certain topic? An online journal you might say.

That said, blogging for me is first and foremost a way to treasure and keep my memories. My posts are random snippets of my life, a window into my world. I always believed in honest blogging, meaning I do not sugar coat my entries. If I feel frustrated about something, I blog about it with as much detail as I could divulge. This way, you'd really get a glimpse of who I am.

Secondly, blogging for me is therapeutic. It is there that I can write my thoughts, frustrations - letting it all out. It's like talking to a friend who really listens - not saying anything, just listening. An added plus is the comments that you get that encourages you, letting you know you are not alone in your journey. With blogging, you get to know other people, gain friends in different parts of the globe. Also, with the friends you gain from blogging, you learn about cultures and beliefs different from your own. I just love getting comments and interacting with the readers.

Third and most recently, I blog because I earn from it. I am not ashamed to say it because I only blog about those that are relevant to my life. I was actuallly hesitant at first because I was afraid I'd get lost in the money-making attitude and flood my blog with a lot of ads but in the end, it is all about choices.

Blogging truly has many benefits that far exceeds the downside and I am planning to take advantage of the benefits and share them with others. I know I need to improve on my writing skills, it's still a long way to go. But that is my goal, to make my blog more interesting, livelier and more fun to read.

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