September 19, 2007

Friendship Blooms in the Most Unexpected Places

It's funny how friendship blooms in the most unexpected time, place and circumstance.

I never expected to know you like I do now. Never expected a friendship to form. The world dictated we could never be friends. But true enough, friendship can never be contained by the rules of the world.

I am much older than you are and yet when I am with you I feel younger. Heck, your level of maturity even exceeds mine. LOL! You taught me so much, teaching me that first impression don't always last. I have come to know you as a person, maybe not inside out yet, but that is something I look forward to.

A, thank you for your support and understanding. For being there when I needed you. Thank you for the laughter - it takes away my stress. And for so many other things, thank you.

I look forward to knowing you more and learning more from you. I hope in my own little way, I can give something back. Here's to more years of friendship! :)


Mec said...

here's to great friendships found in unexpected places... in the most opportune of times :)

Nyree said...

Hi Mec! Cheers! Hope you and baby are doing great!


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