October 15, 2007

On Tattoos

I remember back when I was working for another company, I had a colleague who was so into tattoos. It was really funny because I initially thought he had a stray hair on the back of his neck which was placed in a wierd way. Turns out he had a tattoo of a dragon on his entire back.

He once told me that's how he got girls to like him. Well, I initially thought, major insecurity, but looking at it now after watching Prison Break, using it is a way to get more girls is a possibility. I mean, Wentworth Miller in all his tattooed glory. Don't you think so?

Okay, I am not really part of the tattoo lovers group. It is cool though. How about you, do you like tattoos? Do you find them cool? Would you consider tattoo dating? Share your thoughts please.

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