October 29, 2007

Random Blurbs about the Weekend

Whoa! This blog now has a PR of 1!!!! My other blog now has a PR 2! Woot! Woot! Finally, I have a pagerank lol! I hope Google is done with their updates. You see sometimes, ranks fluctauate when Google updates so I hope this is final.
The weekend was a blast. Saturday was time with the husband and Sunday, I was out with the WFM Team for our team building. It was a wonderful chance to practice with my beloved S3 IS. I will post pictures soon, promise! I am just doing some post processing (hahaha! As if I really know how to do this. But it never hurts to practice, right?).
Our broadband internet connection is acting up though. It's been like this for a couple of days now. I haven't really called their hotline yet because this is the first time this happened. I figured, maybe they're doing some updates or something. The husband though is frustrated. He couldn't download properly. I, on the other hand, kept being booted out from AIM when I am coordinating with the office, but whatever! If this is not fixed soon, the husband is threatening to move to another broadband service.

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