November 4, 2007

Blabbers :)

So how's you're weekend doing everyone? I hope you're all well and doing good!

Mine's going pretty well. I got that much needed rest and had a wonderful time with my family, albeit in the cemetery. We visited my grandmother's grave last Saturday. There weren't that many people around anymore (unlike last Nov 1st) and we all had a great time just talking, telling stories of each other's childhood. We stayed until noon and then went home. Not without buying chicken for lunch. After the hearty lunch at my parent's place, the husband and I went home and slept. lol!

Sunday, my parents, siblings and I went to a flea market along Quezon Avenue. It was wonderful there, lots of things to whet your shopping appetite and your real appetite! lol! There was a variety of clothes, knick knacks and what-nots. Food abound in that place, seafood, barbecued stuff too! Oh and there are plants of all sorts too! My brother who loves to cook bought 4 types of planted herbs for just 100 pesos! Quite a steal!

And here I am telling you my weekend story. :) How about you, how did your weekend go?

1 comment:

Mec said...

this is the first time i never got to visit any dead... howell, am sure my dead loved ones will understand :)

i miss being able to enjoy malls and flea markets...ever since i got preggy, hindi na eh, kasi nga napapagod ako!

have a great week ahead ganda!


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