December 6, 2007

Linky Love

I was tagged by my good friend Juliet. Thanks sis!

Linky Love Chain.

The rule:When you get tagged, you have to add your name next to the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.

  • bloggininmypyjamas
  • StyleWithPassion
  • Chinneeq
  • Dora-zoorapazoo
  • BabyShern
  • HipNCoolMomma
  • Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts
  • When Silence Speaks
  • Dancing in Midlife Tune
  • Underneath it All
  • My Charmed Life
  • A Sweet Taste Of Life
  • Juls Random Thots
  • Nyree's Space
  • C'mon! Help us get this linky love grow. Go ahead and grab this tag if you want. :)

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