December 14, 2007

Rejected? WTF?

I got a reply from Bloomfield Hotel in Baguio. I was trying to reserve a room for the 27th and the 28th by using their online form. I was a bit ticked off at their reply: "We are sorry to inform you that your reservation has been rejected." then it goes on to list the details of my reservation and a tiny remark saying they didn't have my preferred room available on the dates selected. It made me feel like I was aplying for a credit card instead of trying to be a guest in a small hotel. I mean, how hard would it have been to say:"We are sorry but we do not have your preferred room available on the dates you selected." as an automated message instead of the "rejected" thing and then go on to remark "However we do have _____ available."
I worked as a travel agent before, and I have never seen automated messages like these from the top hotels in Europe or the US or anywhere for that matter. Sorry inis lang ako.

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