December 15, 2007

Wedding Flowers

Since we're into my cousin's wedding, let me share another story. My, my, my, I guess I am missing preparing for our wedding. Well, our 3rd anniversary's coming up so maybe that's the culprit. lol! Anyway, they really gota great deal of savings when they decided to buy wholesale flowers and do the wedding flowers themselves. My cousin's friends are creative so they are helping out. They got them from FiftyFlowers. This company provides your floral needs for any event, wedding, baptism, birthday, name it they've got it! The flowers are delivered at a below wholesale cost so you really save much! Especially for wedding events where a lot of prices have shot up already, most brides-to be prefer to do their flowers instead. Imagine at almost 75% discount! The flowers, just so you know, are shipped overnight (express!) from the flower farms and if you want to ask about shipping costs, it is already included in the wholesale prices! Where were they during our wedding 3 years ago?!?! lol!

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