January 7, 2008

Quick Peek

Hello! Peeking in.
It's been hectic for me since 2008 started and I couldn't get a breather in between. So much has happened and really, I promise to blog about them. The major thing that's keeping me busy right now is the "move". Yes, I am moving back to our Mandaluyong site this week (answered prayer, thank you Lord!) and from the time I came back to the office up until this week, I am busy transitioning my tasks.
Another "move" I am busy planning is our moving out. I can't elaborate but finally and with God's grace and guidance, the husband and I will be moving by February or March. Please pray for us.
To all those who left comments both on my posts and on my shoutbox, thank you! I pray for more blessings for all of you for 2008! I promise to get back to you soon.


Something Purple said...

goodluck nyree on both moves heheh. i heard nga from my mom that ate len resigned na daw at new company na rin kayo.

it will be both tiring and fun moving stuff and all...

mwah, em

karen said...

looks like 2008 is starting out great for you, nyree! good luck!


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