February 26, 2008

Make Money Online

Have you ever tried to Make money online? I know a lot of my online friends have now started or have been doing paid blogging for some time and as tiring as it is, it's quite fun too! Not only do you earn extra but you get to know about a lot of useful websites and products.

One of the websites I bumped into is Gasmoney.net. It's a blog dedicated and committed to give you the latest updates about making money online. From news about SEO to features on money making websites, you name it they've got it!

Gasmoney.net is owned by a 28 year old entrepreneur from California. Gasmoney has been in the business for about 5 years now so his credibility when it comes to these topics are quite stable.

The site has a great overall look and feel, simple, clean and the colors are really eye candy (well at least for me lol!). I like how the ads are placed so neatly on the sidebar and how easy you can navigate the site by the tabs on the upper right portion of the page. Links to Recent Posts and Favorite Posts are also placed quite smartly on the upper part of the page for easy access.

The variation of topics is also nice but all are connected to making money online. It reallys shows that this site has a lot to say and a lot of experience when it comes to online earnings. They also offer several services such as Proxy Building, Forum installation and Forum SEO among others. You may advertise with them as well.

So you see, Gasmoney.net is all about making money online and guess what, I just made money from this post. I just had to review the blog honestly. all you have to do is use the logo or link back in your review. simple!

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