March 22, 2008

A Special Something for A Special Woman

Mama's birthday is coming up and I really don't know what to give such a perfect woman. I want it to be very special. Something she will really treasure. But knowing her, she treasures anything coming from her children. Even our text messages, albeit forwarded, is written down complete with time and date stamp.

I am thinking of a dinner with all of us there and maybe present her with a dozen roses. Maybe reserve a hotel suite for all of us to spend the night and then fill it with red roses just for her. Hmm maybe that would work. I can just imagine. Me and Mama would probably stay up all night chatting whilst drinking coffee. Gosh I miss her. I haven't really been around that much. Sigh.

Yeah, maybe that could be it. A special night for a very special woman. I did search for companies that sell wholesale roses and I found They don't just sell roses though. They have a wide variety of flowers to choose from and they offer a great deal too! I just wish I knew about them when I was planning for my wedding but that's okay. I am sure my mom will love their flowers anyway.

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