May 18, 2008

Las Vegas Vacations

What the husband and I really really need right now is a vacation. As in. Stress and pressure have been piling up so fast that I feel like we will both burst at each other any moment now. Sigh. Life. My aunt is suggesting we visit her in Las Vegas and she'll make sure she checks on Las Vegas vacations we could never forget. The thought got me really excited as I remember looking into these places while I was still working as a travel agent for Expedia. Ceasars Palace, Flamingo and Wynn Las Vegas. I can just imagine all the lights and the excitement! And although I don't really play in a casino, I would really do try to get into one of those fabulous casinos in Las Vegas. Don't get me started on the shows as I might book a flight right away. hahaha! Oh well, the hubby and I need to talk about this soon.

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