April 10, 2009

Wood Furniture

The husband and I are seriously considering replacing our bed frame. As much as it has sentimental value to us, being the first bed we bought when we got married, it's condition is below par already and after 4 years I think it's high time we replace it with something more sturdy.

We are slowly renovating our room buying small pieces here and there and of course we do have a theme in mind - wood. We just love wood furniture and our search led us to this website where we found a bed we super love. It's made of oak and it's simple and it's classic and elegant look caught our eye. The fact that it is handcrafted made our hearts flutter in excitement. The price is quite steep though but we think it is worth it.

Isn't it lovely? Now we better go back to our budget and figure out when we can purchase this. As soon as possible we hope.

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Anonymous said...

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