June 8, 2010

On Change and Lifetime Friendship

They say "The only thing constant is change."

I believe that is true. You need to accept change in order to grow. But as much as I can accept it, it does not mean I can't feel sad about it.

I am in a place where change is about to happen. I can feel it's nearness and I feel sad about the things it will bring. A very dear friend is leaving and the mere fact that I won't be able to drop by her station and see her sweet smile brings tears to my eyes. You see, her sweet sweet smile brightens my day.

I still remember how, when we first met, we instantly fell into a comfortable conversation, like we've known each other for ages! What was a planned short dinner, turned into hours of laughter and non-stop chika. I felt like I could tell her anything without fear of being judged. I felt I could trust her completely and true enough, she never betrayed that trust. I remember, a week after we've met, I went through a really low time in my life. I felt there was no one I could trust, no one I could turn to, but she was there. She stuck by me and believed in me when no one did. She patiently listened to all my woes without judging me. She is truly a gem, a treasure in my life!

I admire her beauty and her sweetness. I love her wit and sense of humor. But don't let that sweet exterior fool you into messing with her because she is far from just being a lovely face! Apart from her beauty, this girl has brains and a fierce loyalty to whoever she loves. She will fight for them, believe me, I've seen her in one of her tirades and she bows to no one when she is right. For that, I truly know she is someone who I will consider, not only a friend, but a sister for more than a lifetime.

Kayie, I know that you'll be around and that we still live in the same country, but things will never be the same without you here. We haven't really seen each other for quite a while (the fault of which is mine, and is something I truly regret) but I hope you know that you will forever be my soul sister. I am sorry for hurting you countless of times, you don't deserve that and I will always feel sad for causing you pain. Thank you for being so understanding and for always being there for me. You never know how much that means.

I will miss our shopping trips and food trips and I hope we can still do that once in a while. Most of all, I will miss you and your sweet sweet smile. Like I said, you will always be welcome in my heart and in our home.

I am sad about you leaving, but also know that I am happy for you because I know you have been waiting for this for the longest time. Stay happy okay? All my love to your adorable Luiz and Keisha! I will truly miss you! I am not saying goodbye, instead, I'd like to say: see you around my sis, my marse, my friend.

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