January 12, 2005

Bummer! Bummer! Bummer!

Ok I just had to blog this. This is a big black spot on my otherwise yellow sunny day. I was just on the phone with my mom and she told me that my grandfather will be selling the lot on which our house is standing on. My grandfather did not have a choice as he loaned the money (he used for buying the land) from the bank. So instead of the bank forecloseing it, he is thinking of selling it and use the money to pay the bank and have some money left for us. Haay...my parents have decided that once the land is sold, they will be relocating to my father's home province in Cotabato. Miles away from me..waahhh!! I can't imagine them soo far away! I feel so homesick when they're just here in QC, how much more when they're already there?!? I could visit, but then it wouldn't be the same. :,( Haay! But just like the Bible says: "For everything there is a reason.." and like my friends say: "Be strong, this too shall pass.." :,( bummer!

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