January 13, 2005

Keeping my mind busy...

Okay to keep my mind from wandering off, I did 3 more layouts today with Photoshop. :) I tried and did a 2 page combination layout. You may view the pics here. Hope you like them, and again, comments and suggestions are welcome :) Thanks!


Gorio & Kitoy said...

helly nyree! ako din i'm doing some layouts pero pang 5R lng para sa album, kahit traditional wooden album lng at least ung content mejo digital hehe.

syang can't see your output kasi naman wla kong access sa webshots :( in case you find out where you can get materials for digital album, sana masabihan mo ko ha!!

yngat palagi!

Kitts & Garry

Nyree & Jasper said...

Hi Kitts! Sige update kita if we are able to source out some materials for it na. :) hirap pala maglayout no? kakasakit ng ulo hehehe. :)


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