January 18, 2005

We're Back!

okay just got home from our Boracay Honeymoon. =) Shempre inuna ko ang magblog nakakamiss! hehehe! We had a blast at Boracay. Medyo umulan lang yesterday pero shempre enjoy pa din! =) We went to Boracay on a limited budget ;-) but still we managed to have fun. bale there were 5 of us - yes you read it right 5! =) we were there with 3 of Hubby's officemates na napakakwela talaga! Sabi ko nga, mas naenjoy ko yung honeymoon namin because we had friends around pero shempre sa ibang room sila. :) Tomorrow nalang ako magkukuento cause I have to rest :) My body's aching allover from our swimming and walking. :)

1 comment:

Jeanny said...

Hi Nyree. Welcome back. So how was the honeymoon. Join us sometime sa chat and reveal us yooour honeymoon kwwento,he he he.


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