January 13, 2012


Overwhelmed.  That's how 2012 began for me. I've all these ideas and resolutions crowding inside my head that I tend to just freeze and sit dazed and confused where to start.  So here I am, 2 weeks into the year and while I see other people determined as to what their year will be like, I am just realizing what I want for 2012.  I am slow that way.

So yeah, I've decided 2012 will be the year I learn about FOCUSING ON TASKS ON HAND.  You see, I am what you may call a web butterfly (okay, I invented that term haha!).  I fly from one website to another, surfing and surfing and never get anything done.  I'd have one inspiration from a site and then think of another task to do until it piles up with me not doing anything. I am so bad, I know. But this year, that is going to change.  I've tried a few simple steps this week and I'm happy with the results so far.

If there's anything I've learned so far it's to do ONE TASK AT A TIME. So here goes the tips:

1. Plan activities ahead of time.  Setting up a schedule for your activities can help in maintaining your focus.  I find it helps if I plan at least a week ahead.  It helps in giving me an overview of how my day will go. Make sure you leave out a few hours of free time for any surprise visits, calls or other emergency tasks.

2. Now that you have your week planned, STICK TO THE SCHEDULE. This may be hard at first but with consistency, you will find it has become a habit.

3. Eliminate Distraction. There are just too many distractions in this world.  Social media, the internet and TV Shows to name a few.  You have to have that self discipline to turn them off while you're doing a task.  If you're really an internet and TV junkie like me, you can set some internet or TV time after your tasks to reward yourself.

4. Tune Out not only the outside noise but also the inner noises.  Those pesky things that remind you of deadlines and other things you need to do. TUNE THEM OUT.  You have to be present in what you are doing.  Pay attention to your task and you'll be done with it sooner than you think.

5. Take a Break.  If the tasks requires long hours, then you need to take a break but be disciplined about it.  Do not go around starting another task while you're on break.  You can relax your eyes, grab a cup of coffee or maybe stretch your arms and feet with walking a few steps. Never do something that will lead to another task.

I hope these simple tips can help you as much as it has helped me. Getting to a place of FOCUS and DISCIPLIINE can help you feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.  You will be happier and will achieve more in life.

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