February 4, 2005

Today's Ivor's Birthday!

Ivor’s my brother. He was born 3 years after me. This brother of mine is soo cool! He’s a certified fashion addict! He’s the one I’d always ask for fashion advice. Nah, he’s not gay. He just has this keen eye on good fashion buys. =) He also loves to cook and can whip up his own dishes na super sarap naman talaga! Hubby loves the dishes he cooks and could eat them as fast as my brother cooks them hehehe! He used to be big (read: overweight) and we see him as a big guy with a big big heart. Well, he’s not so big anymore thanks to diet and a lot of self discipline, but he still has a big heart. Oh and did I mention that he’s also a great singer and guitarist? He was so wonderful during our wedding! A lot of people were surprised with his singing prowess! And he composes his own songs too! Yup I was soo touched when he sang a song that he composed solely for our wedding. Ivor also loves to draw. Back when he was still in school, he would often doodle cartoons on his drawing pad when he’s bored with his teacher hehehe! My brother is so talented, I wonder if I left all those talents inside my mom’s belly when I came out? Hmmm… ;-)! He’s a cool brother. Always there for me whenever I need him. We may get into spats sometimes but we always sort things out. My brother’s a generous person with a big big heart and I terribly miss him. ‘vor, just want you to know that I love you bro and that I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday and I wish you more birthdays, more blessings, good health and lots of lovin’! Mwah!

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