March 29, 2005

Addicted to SIMS 2 and other updates

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Hello everyone! I am back to blogging. I've not blogged for the past week or so because I got addicted to playing the SIMS 2. hehehe! Since I just stay here at home and since I've got nothing better to do (or so I would like to make myself think hehehehe! :) ), I play it the whole day. :) On the career front, sadly, I decided not to accept the job offer with the call center I was talking about. :( I was fairly disappointed because they kept asking me to go to their office, promising me a nice position, but everytime I go there, it seems like the interviews are endless. The last time I went there, they told me I was up for contract signing already. Lo and behold, when I got there, they made me fill out an application form - again! After that, they made me go through another interview which went fairly well, with the HR telling me they were impressed. After the interview though, they told me to wait for their call for the schedule of my contract signing. I guess I got fed up. I've been waiting for them for 3 months now. First they told me training will start Feb. 21st, then it got moved to March 14th and then they asked me to drop by their office last March 21st for the contract signing and then they're asking me to wait again. I need a job, and I've been turning down offers from other big call centers, all because I was waiting for them to get their act together. Haay! So now I am back to applying and getting back to the other call centers who called me up. Hay, I guess that's part of the risk I took when I applied. After all, they're just a start up company. I understand. Another thing though, during my last interview, the HR already disclosed the salary scheme they had. I was dumbfounded. They were offering Team Leads a salary that's way below the average call center agent salary. :(

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On a happier note, last Friday, we had sort of a gathering here at home. Our Ninong Andring (who is also my MIL's brother) arrived from Hawaii and we held a welcome treat for him here. Nothing fancy naman, just a simple gathering of sorts. There were food (yum! So long diet!) and countless chit chats, catching up with hubby's cousins who I haven't seen since our wedding and pasalubong from Ninong Andring! hehehe! :) MIL kasi hails from a big clan in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. Kaya almost everytime may birthday or someone comes home from the states, they come here to gather, eat and chat. While it is nice to be part of this big a family, I am still trying to adjust to the frequent parties and reunions they have . All my relatives kasi from my mom and dad's side are in Davao, Cotabato and Samar kaya we don't get to have big gatherings. All the hulabaloos of preparing for the party and cleaning up after doesn't appeal to me - yet. :) On the other hand, I enjoy din naman. I love seeing Hubby's cousins and chatting with them. I guess it just takes time getting used to. :)

Hope you all had a great easter!

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