April 10, 2005

Back to Work =)

My unemployment days are finally over. I've accepted a job offer last yesterday. It's with a call center in Makati. I've shortlisted 3 call centers and decided to take my time to think and decide where I would like be employed basing my decisions on 1. location 2. company policies 3. account to be handed and 4. compensation and benefits. It was a pretty quick process. They called me last Thursday evening, had my exam and final interview last friday, then another interview yesterday after which, job offer and contract signing na. I'll be starting tomorrow na :) As of now, my training schedule starts at 6AM and ends at 2PM, pero I'm sure when (and if) I get to the floor, start nanaman ng night shift. :)
This call center was not able to match the hefty basic salary that I was receiving from the one I came from, but man, the benefits are way cool! I won't bore you with the details but what I liked most about it is that we don't have to be in business-casual attire during weekdays. Haay sarap to be in jeans and sneakers all the time :) It's hard enough to go to work at night lalo na when you have to be in business-casual. Our clients won't be able to see us naman :-) I really want to stay in this company. I'd have to develop more patience. After all, no company is perfect, heck, no one is! Isa pa, I'd have to be more optimistic about life. I'd have to get rid of my pessimism.
It just feels great to be back in the workforce again. Ewan ko, sometimes I feel like I'm not cut out to be a housewife. Ever since I can remember kasi I've been working na, siummer jobs, work right after college, so 3 months of staying at home was kind of new and I got bored easily. Siguro kung mala Gretchen B. and dami ng pera ko, I wouldn't mind not having to work but then, hindi kami ganon ka well off so... kelangan kumayod. :-) What's more is we have to start saving up for our 1st anniv getaway as early as now. (Which also means no sick leaves and vacation leaves for me until then para maipon. :-) ) So there, wish me luck! ;-)

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