April 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Mama!

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Today's your birthday Ma, and everytime this day comes, I thank God a thousandfold for giving me a mom such as you.
I can distinctly remember during my toddler days, how you would snuggle me up and read me books. You would buy me tons of books and read them to me. This made me learn how to read at such a young age, even before I went to school. I guess, this is also why I love reading. You encouraged my passion for reading and did your best to encourage me in whatever extracurricular activities I love doing. You were my constant ally, and I can still recall how I would cry everytime you and dad had to go to the office leaving me at home and I also remember how ecstatic I was whenever you would arrive home. Our bond was such, that one time, when me and dad were driving along north ave to fetch you, I saw this woman (in my peripheral vision) in the distance waving like crazy. Me and dad didn't quite see you but when we passed you by, I bolted upright and shouted:"Si Mama!" and I was right, you were the woman waving. :)
As I grew into a teenager, we slowly grew apart and I may not have seen it before, but now, I know it was completely my fault, not yours. I had my friends and I felt you and dad were being unfair for giving me restrictions. I felt that you didn't like having conversations with me anymore, when in truth, I was the one avoiding you. How blind I was and I deeply regret that.
The first time I had to leave home to stay near the office, you may not know it, but I cried like a baby. I so missed you and dad and the constant reminders that I used to ignore. A few months after, I got married and had to leave home for good. Even so, I still missed you and dad a lot! We may not have been super close, but I missed you both terribly!
Yesterday, we had this great bonding time, and I enjoyed chatting with you. Again, I realized how I missed you and it was hard leaving the house when we had to. Ma, you're the best and I'd just like you to know how I treasure the small talks we have, even our short phone conversations. And though, I am married now, I just want you to know that I appreciate all the love and sacrifice you shower me ( and my siblings). I could not wish for more, for me, you're the greatest mom in the whole wide world and I love you so much!
Happy Birthday ma! I pray that God will give you more birthdays, more wisdom, good health and lots of love, not only today but for always. I may not be there to embrace you and kiss you on your birthday, but do know that my heart reaches out through the distance, embracing you with a warm, warm, hug with lots of love!

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