November 20, 2005

Ahiya R's Wedding

Ahiya R's wedding (the reception that is, wasn't able to make it to the church ceremony but hubby says it was organized and wonderful as well) was beautiful! Arrived at Hotel Intercon wearing jeans and shirt plus sandals! hahaha! pasaway! Hubby brought my formal clothes with him so I changed nalang :) The set up of the ballroom was very romantic with lots of flowers and candles. I had so much fun seeing my paternal cousins from Cotabato! It's been years since we went there (the last time we went there as a family was way back in 1990, and the last time I saw them there was when I attended Ahiya L's wedding in Davao October of 2002) so imagine the shrieks and the hugs and the beso besos we did! Not to mention the how are you's and the chikahans! Back when we were kids kasi and air fares were not exorbitant, our family would always spend our summer vacations and christmases in Cotabato. (My father was born in Jolo, Sulu and they moved to Cotabato City. Most of his siblings are there pa including his mom but some of them relocated to either cebu, davao or tacloban) I remember crying at the airport when it's time for us to go back to Manila na. nyahaha. Anyway, I was really happy seeing them again! I wish we could organize a reunion of some sort soon! :) Oh and before I forget, one highlight of the reception was when we were being serenaded by Bernie Pasamba (while eating the sumptous dinner), a beautiful fireworks display suddenly burst out of the window. Ang ganda talaga! We were all awed! I asked my cousin V if it was for Ahiya R's wedding. Funny thing was, it wasnt part of his wedding at all! Turns out Glorietta had this midnight sale going on and the fireworks display was part of it! Hahaha! Galing ng timing! John Tronco and his photography crew quickly took snapshots of it which lasted for about 5 minutes! O diba? Free fireworks for your wedding, what more could you ask for? heheh! Pero shempre nahiya naman kunyari si Ahiya R and during his thank you speech, he thanked Ayala for their midnight madness at nagkaroon sila ng instant fireworks display on their wedding! Nyahahaha! Wish I could post some pics kaso our Digicam is busted e Waaahhh! All I have are pics on my mobile phone, eh poor quality so wag nalang. If my cousins sends me pics, I'll post it! :)

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