December 3, 2005

God's Healing

A week of no posts. A week of stark realizations, comfort and healing. It's amazing how a prayer, prayed in faith, even whispered from a broken heart, can work wonders. Wednesday night found me crying of pain. My right ear was swollen up to my right jaw. A light touch on any swollen part would send me howling in pain. I couldn't open my jaw anymore and I was so afraid. I didn't know what happened, there was nothing inside, all I remembered was putting this herbal powder my dad gave me to stop the itching in my ear caused by my allergic rhinitis. I sent an SMS to my husband telling him how afraid I was, how painful the right side of my face was and begging him to come home early. Hubby's reply was a wake up call that day. He basically told me not to be afraid and to pray. Right at that instant I realized, "Yeah, why am I whining and crying here, I haven't even prayed yet!" I took out my Bible, and found this passage

Right at that instant I prayed in faith. I was able to sleep peacefully that night inspite of the pain. I didn't know how, all I know God made me rest. The next day, we went to a doctor to have my ears checked and I was diagnosed to have "Otitis Externa" and was given antibiotics and pain killers. Also by God's grace, the doctor advised me to rest for a week and gave me a medical certificate. Next dillema, medicine prices were exorbitant! The antibiotics were Php 99 per tablet and I had to take 2 tablets a day for 7 days! Faithfully, hubby and I prayed for provision. We really didn't know if the money we had would be enough. We went to Mercury drugstore and inquired the prices of the antibiotics, Praise God they were Php 39 each and what we have was more than enough to buy the meds that I needed. All throughout the week that I rested, I spent time with the Lord, reading His words, refreshing my spirit, feeling His love, receiving His healing, thanking Him for each and every blessing. God amazes me with His love, hope and faithfulness and forgiveness. Most of all, I learned about the power of a prayer prayed in faith.

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