August 8, 2006

House Project

Hubby finally agreed and we're moving out by next year. Praise God! I know it's somewhat late in the game but I am sure God planned it this way for a reason.

It's not that I hate it here. Heck, I have it all easy for me. Someone does the cooking, the laundry. All I need to do is eat and sleep. My in-laws are really nice and generous and I love them to death. So, things are just fine here. I guess I just want some independence, you know. Some space. I feel like things are getting too crowded. Besides, I want both hubby and me to learn. To live our lives.

We are excited! We've been looking at different condos/apartments for now. We have some major cost cutting to do. We are still undecided if we'll just rent or find something that's rent to own. It's a decision that needs to be prayed about. I am sure God will lead us to the right path. We are just leaving it to Him. We are expecting something big though because, after all, God is a BIG God and what He promises, He fulfills. There's bound to be challenges along the way but hey, nothing that God can't handle right? :)

There's going to be major cost cutting and mega budgeting to do so goodbye to shopping and dinner dates for the mean time :) I guess the digital camera I have been eyeing will have to wait for now. :) Lord, I need patience and mega doses of self discipline! :)

For now I am just so happy that Hubby finally agreed. I have been praying for this for quite some time now. Thank you as well to those who prayed with us. Please continue to pray with us as we need strength in accomplishing this project.

By the way, you guys know where we can find affordable condos preferably in the Pasig or Mandaluyong area? Either for rent/lease or rent to own?

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