November 26, 2006

Realizations from a Tutuban Trip

Yesterday was quality time and bonding with my mom, dad and sister - amidts a throng of people at Tutuban Mall in Divisoria!

My mom sent me an SMS saturday afternoon asking if I wanted to come along and join them shopping in tutuban Sunday. I knew hubby would not be able to go because he had something to do Sunday, but I missed my family so much that I immediately replied "yes" to her question.

My dad had to bring the car to tutuban cause they were planning to buy give aways to business partners so there's bound to be a lot of shopping bags to bring. Besides, tutuban mall has a parking space (albeit small), so off we went. Arrived there past 11AM and boy did we have a hard time looking for a space to park into.

We had fun, looking at stuff trying to find the right stuff they needed amidst pushing past and being pushed by tons of people. We had lunch together and it was great too! My dad had to leave after lunch to do some business in Binondo so the three of us girls trekked the entire mall. By 5PM, my feet was complaining already, as was my back from all the bags we have on hand, but I am not complaining. I was having a grand time with my family! My mom bought me 3 bags and a pari of sandals. I tried to dissuade her in buying me stuff. I guess, now that I'm married and all grown up (hehehe), I felt I shouldn't ask her to buy me stuff anymore, but she insisted. Moms will always be moms, I guess. I think she misses me that much :) Ain't my parents the coolest? Heh!

We rendesvoused with my dad at around 5:30 PM. We just sat for a while at one of the fast food store there cause our feet were killing us. Around 6:15PM off we went to the parking area. When we got to the exit counter, the guy informed as our parking ticket was at Php 150!!! What?!?! I tell you, their parking rates are exaggerated! Php 50 for the first 3 hours, then Php 20 for each exceeding hour. That fee for a small, dirty, dark parking with no guards in sight! The malls charge less than that! Oh well, even with all the complaining, we just went ahead and paid the fee and sped off to home, all of us thinking we would never bring a car to tutuban again. If we would, we would park somewhere in Binondo and walk.

After they dropped me home, I missed them all the more. We usually do this every Christmas. My parents and my 3 other siblings would pack ourselves into our car and drive somewhere to shop. My parents would buy us the stuff we want and that would be our Christmas gift. Ever since I got married, there are few chances of us being all together, with me married and my eldest brother with a crazy schedule. Chances like yesterday are precious to me now. And I cherish all the times we are together, even if we're just lazing around at our house talking.

Funny how things have changed when I got married. I was not this close to my parents before. When I still lived with them, I couldn't even have a nice conversation with either of them. Like everything I say means nothing. I used to feel so irritated when they nag us. I guess, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Or maybe, they now see me as an adult. My mom and I, now talk as if we're best buds. We share everything. My dad, talks to me like an adult now. unlike before where everything he says feels like you're being reprimanded (complete with a loud voice pa yan ha. But come to think of it, my dad's voice is normally loud, heh!). I used to ask God, why now? Why couldn't we have been like this before? Now, I miss them so much every single day. Then I came to realize, things indeed happen for a reason. Because of what happened I now have a much deeper appreciation of my parents. I am grateful to God that I have the chance to experience what I did, and a chance to experience what we have now.

Mom, Dad, thank you so much for everything. Looking back, your constant reminders hav

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