November 25, 2006


I've been off work for 3 days now. I was down with an infection so my workaholic b**t was strapped to the bed. 'twas a good thing though as I had a chance to recharge my batteries. Today I am feeling much better. I had the chance to do the stuff that i wasn't able to do during my hectic working days. Come Monday, I'll be back at the office but until then, time is my ally.

Today, I got the chance to clean our room. Not that it's messy. I just did some rearrangements. It made me feel refreshed, fulfilled even. Being able to do some wifely chores gives me this sense of fulfillment. You see, when your career is in a fast paced environment like a call center, and you work the night shift, things in your life get a little side tracked. Most of the time all you want to do is sleep your head off. I guess I just need a little balance. But I like my job, I love the challenges it brings. My only sentiment is that I don't get to spend much time with hubby and do the wifely chores I need to do. Makes me frustrated sometimes but I am thankful God gave me an understanding and patient husband.

Oh well, so much for this post. I couldn't think of anything to blog at this moment, but if I do, I'd be sure to update.

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