December 25, 2006

The one thing I hate about Christmas

Christmas, families gathering, food all around, people giving and receiving gitfs... It's the most wonderful time of the year. For the most part I agree. But there is this one thing I hate about Christmas...

Insensitive people asking why i don't have a baby yet.

I know some people mean well but somehow, it offends me. It's as if we chose not to have one. God knows how much I want to have a baby; I want it - we want our little angel more than you will ever know.

To you who often ask me why we do not have a baby yet, the answer is I DO NOT KNOW! Please, the conflicting emotions are hard enough, do not make me answer that very awkward question anymore as it hurts me more than you know. It brings a lot of very very conflicting emotions.

God can only answer that question and maybe you should try asking Him. It's only when He says it's time.

Sorry for being blunt. I guess I just got so frustrated with people always asking. I guess most of you wouldn't know my frustration of not getting pregnant, but at least now you know how I feel about it and maybe the questions would stop. =,(

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