January 25, 2007


Change is never easy. It means letting go of what you're used to and unlearning the wrong things you've learned since childhood. It's about taking risks and walking the unknown path. Learning and unlearning along the way.

I know what we plan to do is all about change. Change of lifestyle and atmosphere. It is not easy I know, but this is something we have to do to grow. Things aren't going too well here and I've tried and done my best to adapt but I guess everything (or everyone for that matter) has its limits and I have reached mine. If you know me, you probably know that I don't usually give up easily. You know as well, that I think things through before making a big decision such as this one. But I have made up my mind and we both agreed moving out is the best.

If we want to start a family of our own. If we want to have financial freedom, then moving out is the best thing we would do. You don't know how long I have prayed for this. How much I cried out to God to open your eyes to the truth. God has His plans and His time and I've always believed He knows what is best. I am thankful that you have finally opened your heart and eyes to what's happening.

I am scared of what lies ahead but I am willing to take the risk, willing to jump, willing to learn and take the journey as long as I know I have God and you beside me, I will be fine. I am fearfully excited. I hope you are too.

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