February 2, 2007

Friday Blues

It's a Friday and I'm here in the office. I've things to do but somehow my mind sorts of flies. One time I'm doing schedules and the next thing I know, I'm day dreaming about stuff already. Heh! I decided to blog to get this out of my system and focus on what I need to do.

I am thinking about our current living situation. You see, we live with my in laws (ever since we got married). Personally, I didn't want to live there. It has always been my dream to live independently. I never got the chance to do that when I was single because my dad would not hear of it. But when we were planning on getting married, I tried my best to convince hubby that we need to have a place of our own. Much to my dismay, hubby would not have any of it either. :(

There are a lot of things going on in that house these past few months that makes me want to really move out immediately! Financially, they're in a slump. I say "they" because I do not want to have anything to do with what's causing their financial slump. I mean I work and work hard for me and hubby and whatever I earn, I earn for us.

Lest you think I am some selfish snob, please, hear me out first. I did not think this way before. Heck, I even bought groceries for the house, share in whatever bills that needs to be paid, buy household items to replace broken ones, give them money for whatever extra they need, and lend them money when they needed. All these even when my MIL gets all of my husband's salary every pay day (even up until now). I didn't mind because honestly, hubby's pay from government work isn't that much and I considered it as our share in the household expenses. But towards the middle of 2006, I noticed that they always lack the money for everything. Utility bills go unpaid and result in disconnection, food being bought in the market isn't enough, sometimes we would end up eating canned goods. I analyzed things and thought, everyone in the house is working, earning and giving their share (well except for one), why the lack?

That was when I decided to do my investigation. I will not disclose the details (hehe), but here's what I found out. The parasite inside the house was causing all of the the financial slump. Man, I am just so pissed off with this guy. Ever since I found out what he was doing, I stopped giving money - it was only being given to him. I stopped lending them money too as most of the time I am not paid back. I stopped buying groceries too as this guy would bring several grocery items to his girl friends house (gawd!). I turned our room into a mini studio. I bought all the things me and my husband needs (with his permission of course, he was pissed off too when he found out.), and we only buy stuff for the 2 of us now. That explains why there was a need for me to learn how to cook hehehe.

I just wish that person ( and his parents too) would come to his senses. You are a parasite and you know that. Wake up man! You take money from everyone and you do not have even the slightest bit of shame. You let your mom ask or borrow money from who knows who, you steal, you lie and everyone in that house is affected by your actions. I don't want to be bitter but right now all I feel is hatred towards you. I don't even want to see your face and when I do, my blood boils! Stop talking to me or one day I might just blurt out how I hate you. Stop lying about having work and all that crap because we are not stupid. Sheesh! Enough ranting.

Okay, the only consolation I have is hubby now agrees that we are moving out. But that's another story for another post =P

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