January 6, 2007

Online Casino Anyone?

I recently visited an online Casino site. It's called Party Casino. I know, I know, you're probably thinking what a person like me is doing looking into online Casino sites. Curiosity, I guess. But don't worry because I did not bet on anything. I sort of just browsed through the site. Anyway, Party Casino has a list of 47 games, none of which I know how to play. They also boast of 24 hour help or customer service. It's interesting to note too that they have this link and article about responsible gaming and knowing your limits. Plus they have this weekly limit on your account. I guess that's good so that people will not splurge on online bets like this and lose all they have.

Honestly, I have never set foot in a casino before and I guess I never will be interested in playing any casino games. But for a second there, while browsing through the games on Party Casino, I was curious about how the games are played. But then again, I don't like losing my hard earned money in betting. I know that when you win, you win big but hey, how often do you really win compared to how often you lose right? I prefer earning my money. Oh well different strokes for different folks! I guess I'm not a risk taker after all heh!

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