February 26, 2007

I want a new cell phone!

Okay so my mobile phone conked out and I am now unreachable. Sigh. Are my gadgets up on strike? :P

Anyway, so my phone died on me and would not turn back on. I'm thinking it's the battery cause no matter how I charge it, the phone remains dead. I couldn't find someone to borrow a battery from since we use different phone models. Sigh. I guess I should’ve listened to my friend when she told me this unit wasn't of good quality.

Anyway, so hubby tells me to just buy another cell phone. I told him I was still deciding about buying a new unit or just replacing the battery. He had a point when he said I’d be wasting my money buying a battery for a phone that’s not even of good quality. I hate it when he’s right. Heh! So went ahead and surfed the net to find good new cell phones and I saw Wirefly's cellphone offers. Man, they're tempting! I want the Blackberry Pearl (insert drool here) or the Pink RAZR! Woosh! I also want to get my niece one of those Disney phones. It looks cute! Perfect for a Disney fan like her.

Dang! Wirefly sure does pack a lot of stuff in their offers. As if the free phones weren’t tempting enough, check out their wide range of mobile providers! Plus, they have family plans at affordable prices to boot! Oh and check out their accessories page, it’s packed with a lot of stuff you need for your phone, even ring tones! No wonder they’re the number 1 seller of cellphones and wireless plans!

I think I'm going to have my phone plan cut off and get me one of those free phones offered at Wirefly or I could just have hubby use this plan and get me on of those Wirefly free phones. :)

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