February 24, 2007

I want this..

This is from Eve Recinella. I just love the soft colors. I love everything about it! I wish it's payday so I can buy it. I hope they'd accept my debit card though.

Okay so I have been downloading stuff since 3 hours ago,

Well, lest you think me as an obsessed digi-scrapper (I prefer digiscrapaholic, thank you! and btw, that phrase is from Aggie. Hi Aggie!) I am just excited to be scrapping. I'm planning to scrap the whole day without the distraction of the internet (i.e. new email reminders popping up, temptation to go to scrapping site etc..), I was so loaded last week that i had no time to scrap. The reason for the download mania is that I'm going to my parents place later (where I plan to scrap my heart out) and they have no internet connection so I am downloading all I can.

So there. I'll update you guys tomorrow on my layouts! CIao!

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