August 10, 2006


I just finished chatting with my cousin Vanessa. We've been disconnected for quite some time now because of our busy schedules but it seemed the years did not tear away the bond we have.

I consider Vane as the cousin closest to my heart - more like a sister to me. When we were growing up, and their family lived in Cotabato, my family and I would often go there to visit during summer and Christmas. Instead of staying at my grandparents house (where my family would stay), I would always prefer staying at Vane's. We would play, chat and just have a great time together. When the time came for us to go back here in Manila, we would both cry our eyes out. The same thing happens when they visit us here. :) Despite the distance, letters came in handy to share what's happening in both our lives.

When she went to college, she stayed with us for 4 whole years. She was a constant rock in my life. Always there when I needed her. We shared countless laughter, tears, joys and pains. She was never critical of me yet she would always give sound advice. Being a person with no fashion sense whatsoever, I go to her for fashion tips (which until now I don't practice hehe sorry cuz! ). I remember the time when I (was forced) to join a pageant in college for my org. I was so not in the mood to join so I was lethargic in preparing for it. Day of the contest i still had nothing to wear for the sports thingy. Suddenly, Vane remembered that I had this one piece swimsuit that had shorts for the bottom. I told her no way. She insisted. I complied. Well, what can I say, I won as best in sports costume (and in sincere humility, won the pageant as well :) ).

A few months before she graduated college, she and her brother (Ahiya Ren-ren) moved out of our place to stay at a place of their own. I was devastated but nevertheless, was happy for her. After they left, I got pretty busy at work and we lost touch for a few months. I was suprised one day when she called me up at work and excitedly told me she got the job at a multinational company. This was the job she was eyeing for. I was touched because she said she called me first about the news. I was happy for her, I knew this young lady will go places. And go places she did! At a young age, she lives on her own at a condo in Makati. She drives her own car, and has traveled to Europe!

After that, we lost touch again. We would see each other about once or twice a year, most of the time during big events like at both of her brothers' weddings, our wedding, which of course there was no time even for small chats. But I always knew, the bond we have will always be there, it will only grow stronger. Tonight proved that. When we saw each other online on Yahoo Messenger, we chatted like we've never been apart, and years were like days.

So, cuz, although we never say in words how much we mean to each other, please know that you will always, always have a special place in my heart. You are more than a cousin to me - you are my sister. Wherever we may go, you will always have my prayers with you. Keep on reaching your dreams - you're halfway there! I have no doubt you will get what you set your mind on!

I really missed you and I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Luv ya! Mwah!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Nyree and Vane at Ahya ren's wedding

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