February 21, 2007

What do you do?

1. When someone very close to your heart frustrates you and yet you are deathly afraid of losing him?

2. When you feel like you're so bad thinking about your frustrations about him that you're afraid you're so ungrateful already, someone might take him away from you?

2.When you feel like you've done everything and yet it seems like the person isn't meeting you halfway? Or am I expecting too much?

3. When the company you work for was bought by another company and they are now removing your department cause it's not part of their organizational structure?

4. When you find out that you get to keep your job while people you have fun working with will lose theirs?

Blech! I am really in a confused state right now. So many things happening that I could not even keep up. Right now all I want to do is go somewhere far far away to have peace of mind - or at least claer my mind off things for a short while. But that's just it, you get to clear it for a while and when you're back, the same problems remain.



Agring said...

Take a deep breath!
If I have money I will go to Paris! lol...

MrsPartyGirl said...

sis nyree, deep breaths.

on 1-2: it would help to think about why that person is important to you. no matter how much our loved ones frustrate us, at the end of the day, their actions affect us because they mean a lot to us di ba? also, frustrations go both ways. maybe we also have our shortcomings but we just don't realize it? i think the answer is to have a good long talk. making the other person feel (and know about) your frustrations and fears helps a lot. :)

on 3-4: there really is not much we can do when acquisitions and restructuring rears its ugly head. there are a lot of opportunities out there for them, i'm sure! hubby was a victim before, pero i kept telling him to trust in His will, because only He knows where to lead us. now, he has a great job which pays better, with more opportunities for growth and more time with the family. so it was all good :)

just remember that employees are dispensable, but friendships are not. i'm sure a few years from now, although you'll be working in different companies, you'll still be having fun :)

cheer up sis! it really helps to keep your mind clear and have some time to think. at least when you get back to reality, hopefully, less confused ka na :)

keep us posted, ok? hope this helped.

NYREE said...

Mommy Mia!

Hay thank you so much. What you said really made sense and really helped. Siguro I just needed to vent it all out. :)

Sana I could visit you there no? I would love to see Ninna! Ang cute cute nya dancing "itaktak mo"!


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