February 23, 2007


Sorry for being MIA for a while. There were a lot of issues the past few days and I couldn't keep up. There's still the issue here at home but I don't want to delve on that just yet. Another major thing was an issue at work. Sigh! Where do I even start?

Our company (company A) was bought out by another company (company B). They kept on saying it was a merger but the minute that it took effect, company B made sure we knew, in not so many words, that it was definitely a buy out. Our country manager often assured all of us that no significant change would happen, but is that even possible? Questions and uncertainty would often creep at the back of my mind. And I was right. Company B made a very unexpected announcemet last week, the Real Time Analyst position in our department would be removed and functions would be given over to the team managers. We were stumped when this was announced to us during the meeting. What's worse is that, they were only giving us until February 23 to train all the team managers then February 26, RTA functions would cease to exist. My brain went on indefinite pause at the time and all I could think of was "crap!" The only option company B gave us was that we look and apply for other positions within the company or leave. Take note though that we would need to go through the regular assessment process, all in less than 2 weeks. Another crap!

After the meeting, my manager and our senior manager pulled me and another colleague and told us we would not be affected as we will be laterally promoted. On one side of the coin I was happy I wasn't losing my job, but I was more sad thinking of my colleagues and the uncertainties they face. Everyone from the company was demoralized when they heard what happened. Who wouldn't? I mean, after our department who would be next right? Sigh.

The sad part is that Company B has not given any concrete communication as to what will happen. Everything is still blurry at this point. We are all at a loss. Right now the latest they sent was that all RTA-TM trainings be cancelled until further notice. It's nice but still no assurance of what will happen next. If I know any better, company B is just buying time so they would not need to shell out money for the severance pay. The management of that company has no LOGIC at all! No wonder they do not have CLIENTS. I mean the only reason they bought us was because of our company's expertise. Sheesh.

Oh well, I guess that's life. I'll give you guys an update if we get one soon.

On another note, I finished 2 -( yes 2!) Layouts today and I'm happy. Kenji LO is for a digital challenge at 2Peas while the other one was a calendar layout for my laptop.

Layout of my baby Kenji :) This is my entry for the Two Peas in a Bucket weekly Digital Challenge: Diffuse Glow
Paper: Correen Silke We Paper wine, Overlay edge stacked mix
Embelishments: Shabby Princess Vintage Florals Rose Stamp , Rhona Farrer Heart Overlay
Paper: Rhonna Farrer 2Ps Sweet
Embelishments: Shabby Princess Scarling Dinner Party Flower Yellow, Red and Cream; Shabby Princess Stitched X; Shabby Princess Scarling Dinner Party Pocket Tag;
Journaling: All my dreams came true when I met you


Agring said...

Sorry to hear about the changes in your company. I'm glad that you still have the job.
Nice LO's. Kenji is a cuteeeee!

Anonymous said...

Cutey ng LO ng hubby and u :)
I got laid off too before.. It sad and really depressing.. but always think positive.. maybe it's a better time to hunt for a new job.
Normally in buy out, ung company na binili un ang magtatanggal ng tao.
Anyways, hope for the best! Be optimistic!

NYREE said...

Agring, thanks! Kenji's real sweet too! :P really love that dog! :)

NYREE said...

Hi Amore! Thanks sis! Yeah, hay super pray lang. But things are picking up though so i'll give you guys an update soon :)


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