March 22, 2007

Dealing With Addiction

All of us have a certain kind of addiction. Right now, I can say my addiction is Digital Scrapping! lol! But for some people, addcition takes another face.

One of the major addiction that I am most afraid to is addtiction to illegal drugs. I can never imagine myself getting mixed up with that stuff. Not that I am condemning those who do, It's just that I've seen too much of how it can destroy one's life and even the life of your family. That is why I never ever stepped an inch close to taking them.

Right now, someone I know is into this and it has affected his entire family. It's really sad how things turned out. True to the addicts symptoms, this guy would often ask his parents money, even if he knew his parents were having a hard time as it is to make ends meet. He's also beginning to steal stuff. i just feel bad for my friend. It's really hard to deal with this and although I pity him, I also strongly believe that he needs a lot and lot of help.

I was talking to someone from his family and they were asking me if I knew any drug treatment they could put him into. I led them to, a rehabilitation service that offers treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. I learned so much from the site as they had different articles about addiction, how it affects a person, the intervention needed and they even have aftercare programs! Another nice thing about this site is that they have a free assesment tool you could use. Your privacy is protected as well as they are very committed to keeping your privacy - private! Isnt't that great?

I told my friends that is the best way to go! They said they will call the facility and if things go well, will put their family member there. It was the only solution they could think of to help him get over his addiction. Of course prayers and lots and lots of love couldn't hurt.

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