March 19, 2007

Help Our Pets Please!

We need immediate help.

Does anyone know of any local animal shelter here in the Philippines aside from PAWS?

You see, my family is moving this week and we don't know where we would put our pet dogs since the owner of the house does not allow pets. (he only allowed our shih tzu's since they're small). :( We have several dogs. Not that my dad is irresponsible. It's just that he loves them so much that when a few relatives and friends would want to kill ( >:( ) them because they have so many already, my dad would rather keep them and raise them. Our house had a big backyard so the dogs were really comfy. My dad made sure they were well fed and cared for. The dogs aren't really pure bred nor are they "askal" (street dogs). They're actually of mix breeds. But they're really really nice and protective of us and I don't want them to be put to sleep. :(

My dad already went to PAWS and he was advised that they do not accept and they would still put the dogs to sleep anyway. My dad would not hear of it and is exhausting all efforts in looking for a place for our dear pets. If all efforts fail, then my dad will be forced to have them put to sleep.

I just feel so bad about this. Them dogs have protected our family from robbers, rat infestation (yes they chase rats away from our house), and have given us so much joy and love that having to give them away or putting them to sleep breaks our hearts.

It's kind of a rush since the developer who bought the lot would be demolishing next week. (Thank God My mom and dad was able to find a 4 bedroom house to rent somewhere nearby. Story about the move here.)

So please, if you know of someone or any organization that would accept our pets, or any suggestions for that matter, we would really really appreciate it. Leave me a comment or send me a private mail at

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