March 31, 2007

In Search of a Good Web Directory

Don’t you sometimes hate how you get results from web directories? You’d have to go through a lot of different results that are not even close to your search criteria that by the time you’re on the 3rd page, you’d rather give up. I just hate it. It would be easier to have a directory where sites are placed in categories. It’s easier to search for relevant web sites.

I found such a site in Big Web Links Bid Directory. This baby is a search engine friendly web directory where sites are listed by category and by contribution amount. This is a major plus for webmasters too because your site could get a chance to be on the front of the page of the category by adjusting the amount needed to achieve the goal. This would give you a greater chance to increase your ranking. Quite a deal if you ask me. Okay, enough posting, I’d better head there and enlist my blog to increase my ranking! Ciao!

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