March 12, 2007

Meeting your Mate Over the Net? Is this Possible?

Raised in a culture where meeting someone is not done over the World Wide Web, my curiosity was tickled when I heard about online dating. Meeting someone over the net and dating them, some eventually leading to marriage, is all new to me. I see it in movies, I hear it from acquaintances but I just couldn’t picture it. How does it work anyway?

A high school classmate recently got married to someone she met from a free dating services site. My curiosity (didn’t kill me – thank you! LOL) resurfaced and I went and hopped on over the site. I was surprised how easy it was. You just indicate your age, what you are looking for, their qualities and that’s it! You can even search by state which is really cool. That way you won’t be liking someone only to find out they’re miles away from you. The best thing about this is that you get everything that a paid dating service offers 100% free through this site.

Hmm… come to think of it, this free dating service could work. After all, meeting someone is just the beginning. Both would have to make the relationship work – if it was meant to be. They can not just blame the site if things don’t pan out. It all still boils down to meeting the right someone at the right time. But who knows, the right someone could be online right now. ;-) Me? Nah. I’m already married to Mr. Right. ;-)

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