March 2, 2007

WiFi My World

One of the best things about technology nowadays is that you can connect to the world anytime anywhere. Compared to the way it was back then, when you have a stationary desktop and connect with slow connections, today you have the flexibility of connecting to the World Wide Web anytime, anywhere, and may I say with mind boggling connection speeds.

My husband and I are currently using DSL. It’s fast but we can only connect through the cable attached. We want to have the flexibility of connecting to the internet anywhere in the house so we are now on the lookout on great wifi deals.

Having that thought in mind, I wondered if our company had wifi connection and if they got the best of the best in secure wifi connection. After all, this is a must for big businesses like them. Since I was looking over the net for wifi deals, I was able to find Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network. Perfect for our office! I am definitely making a suggestion to our IT head to contact Cisco's data centre

If they get Cisco’s wifi system, then client meetings at the downstairs coffee shop would be a breeze.

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